The starting point for Yazz and its brand products is 1996 when the collections started to reflect a more sophisticated and feminine image suitable for every woman.

Yazz's clothing line opens a new chapter in women's garments with silk airy dresses. Although a considerable share of the success in the rapid growth of these series of clothing is the strong emphasis on design innovation and superior quality of the product. Yazz's unquestionable quality clothing is the result of the high standards set by the company combined with production flexibility and designing .

From the 2000 Yazz is creating a mainstream clothing line aiming at the woman who wishes to reveal her feminine side . That is why Yazz is highly recognized in the field of casual wear as well as maintaining partnerships with the most famous European fabric producing factories .

The combination of the high quality and the constant evolving design offer Yazz clothing a unique identity establishing the company among the biggest names in the fashion market. The showroom and offices are located in the area of glyfada in brand new company facilities , in a building with an innovative design and friendly atmosphere .

The company has expanded the department of design as well as the production and quality control department because the creation of modern infrastructures is essential for maintaining the high standards and obtaining the company goals.

Finally Yazz company is increasingly widening its network of stores with its exclusive products . Yazz 's establishment is certified by the high recognition of its brand name in the fashion industry .

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